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About Aquasana... The best water on Earth, GUARANTEED!
Aquasana is the #1 rated home water filtration system in America!

Aquasana products are manufactured by Sun Water Systems, Inc.
We have also recently purchased the patents and manufacturing rights for all Equinox Water Systems from International Purity Corp. Charles Strand, the original Founder and designer of Equinox Water Systems, is now the President & CEO of Sun Water Systems, Inc.

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All Aquasana products are made in the USA, by Sun Water Systems' Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas.

"With over 15 years in the industry, 17 patents and over 7 million products sold, we at Sun Water Systems are confident that the Aquasana product line represents the absolute best value anywhere."
- Charles Strand' President

Aquasana is Latin for "Water to heal" and was designed with this concept in mind. Years of pre-patent research and development forged the results that Aquasana represents.

These unique products are not designed to meet minimum government or industry standards, which allow "Trace Levels" of toxic chemicals in tap water and bottled water. We believe, and science is learning, that there are no safe levels for toxic chemicals in our water.

While it is permitted and accepted that bottled water and tap water commonly contain traces of unhealthy contaminants, Aquasana was designed to produce truly healthy water. We believe that the healthiest water is water like that which existed before the influences of modern man, water free from chemical contaminants and balanced with traces of the Earth's natural minerals.

Aquasana is also good for the environment. As a logical alternative to bottled water, a single Aquasana Drinking Water Enhancement System can prevent thousands of plastic containers from winding up in landfils and polluting our environment.

By providing the best tasting, healthiest water... at an affordable price... and the ultimate in convenience, Aquasana products represent true value and purpose.

Our health is our most priceless possession and water quality is essential for good health. A quality home water treatment appliance is the best investment we can make in the health of our family.

Aquasana, documented performance... proven value... guaranteed quality!

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